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Parts Rarity

Each Astrobot is made of four different parts: Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs.

Every part is classified into one of four rarity tiers, and each rarity tier is assigned a point value. The table below shows the value assigned to each rarity tier.

This means that an Astrobot’s stats can range from 16 points to 40 points. If all parts of an Astrobot are in C tiers, then the total point equals 16. If all parts of an Astrobot are in S tiers, then the total point equals 40. It’s more likely that you will get an Astrobot that have different rarities for each part.
(e.g. Head (A), Torso (B), Arms (B), Legs ©).

Each part of an Astrobot can be upgraded after you complete in-game quests, beat the Kaleidoscope enemies (PvE mode) and win the space warfare in the Dream Universe (PvP mode). In addition, you can breed two Astrobots to get an offspring that inherit certain genes from parent Astrobots.

Overall Rarity

An Astrobot’s total score and overall rarity equals the total value of its four parts and is divided into five categories: Mythic, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon and Common.

The probability distribution on the mint date of the overall rarity of each Astrobot is shown below:


An Astrobot can possess one of the five properties: Fire, Water, Wind, Light or Dark. Kaleidoscope monsters may not possess any property in which case they are neutral to everything. These properties have the following correlation of strength and weakness:

💧Water > 🔥Fire > 💨Wind > 💧Water

  • Water is strong against Fire.
  • Fire is strong against Wind.
  • Wind is strong against Water.

🟡 Light and ⚫ Darkness are strong against each other.



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