Solana as our first platform

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We will first launch DeFi Space on Solana. We have a singular mission: become the best DeFi gaming application. To achieve this goal, three conditions must be met: 1) easy onboarding, 2) low transaction fees and 3) strong community involvement. DeFi Space team, after much internal discussion, decided that Solana best suited our needs for the initial launch. Here is why:

First, the next 100M users will choose the platform with the lowest entry barrier, similar to how there is one click login for almost all Web2 applications (shoutout to Phantom wallet and Torus Labs on this effort in Web3). This means no complicated bridging, no multiple jumps between different sidechains on Metamask, no watching a 10-minute YouTube video to learn about hidden fees when moving assets cross-chain. Solana’s onboarding is simple for non-crypto users: install a Solana wallet and then connect your wallet to start playing DeFi Space. We are still very early and we want to onboard the next wave of crypto users to DeFi Space.

Second, retail users simply cannot afford high transaction fees on Ethereum mainnet. There is a reason why the most widely used chains in developing countries are not Ethereum but other chains. While there are concerns related to alt Layer 1’s centralization compared with Ethereum, the DeFi Space team concluded that for our purposes the importance of low transaction fees outweighed that of decentralization. Ordinary gamers will not be able to pay upward of $100 in gas fees to upgrade, level-up, or sell their NFTs, nor will they be comfortable with switching between different layer 2 solutions. We believe Solana is in the best position to bring in the next generation of gamers, because they allow ordinary gamers to onboard easily and avoid high transaction cost. This is not a post to theorize about which chain will dominate in the next 10 years or to discuss the merits of decentralization in different blockchains. We are focused on one goal: bringing DeFi gaming to the next generation of gamers.

Third, for the first time in history, the search volume for “NFT” outstripped that of “crypto” starting this year with Asia driving much of the demand. “NFT” stands for a non-fungible token. The dictionary definition of a NFT is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded. Simply put, you, me, all members of the Dream Crew are NFTs. Every moment in time is a NFT, something unique to be cherished. Every community is a NFT where people with similar interests gather and share valuable insights. Our team decided to first plant our flag in Solana’s vibrant NFT community. Our Astrobot NFTs will play a central role in DeFi Space — the stronger your NFTs, the higher your APY. More on this on a future Medium post.

For the foregoing reasons, we are excited to launch our game on Solana. Moreover, we are really excited to have you to be part of our Dream journey in outer space.



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