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Astro Space
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Astro Space is the first Farm-To-Steal (“FTS”) gaming application to be launched on the Solana blockchain. We want to combine the best parts of mobile gaming, blockchain gaming, NFTs and PvP mechanics. Players craft their own strategies, complete game quests to upgrade their NFTs in order to steal more rewards from other players, and form guilds and alliances to conquer outer space.

Game Description

Every player gets one planet in outer space with the following structures already established: a Seed Laboratory, Summoners’ Camp, Dream Farm, Dream Mine, and Marketplace. At the start of the game, players are guided through each structure to learn about the basics of DeFi. Each player’s return on investment is variable depending on the level and stats of NFTs held by each player. By completing game quests, the player earns experience points to level-up their NFTs and Dream Potions in order to breed their NFTs.

Some NFTs give higher yields but less capacity to take on additional yields, while others give higher yields but have low battle points and therefore a lower chance of survival in the siege warfare from which an extraordinary sum of game tokens will be rewarded to the winning guild. Trading NFTs in the Marketplace will often be an excellent strategy because, depending on the size of their investment, a player may want an NFT with higher battle points to secure victory for the their guild in siege warfare or just an NFT with high yield potential to farm without participating in siege warfare. The choice is yours.

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Astro Space will have the most carefully designed in-game economy of any game to date.

Astro Space is a gaming application developed by a team of gaming veterans, blockchain engineers, and community builders. Our advisors are providing valuable feedback on the token economy and gameplay, and we will discuss our token model in much more detail in later Medium posts. For the moment, let’s just say that we are following in the footsteps of the most successful DeFi protocols and Play-To-Earn gaming in order to ensure that most of the token rewards go to active community members. You will be able to see this clearly when you review our Tokenomics model. We are big fans of @cobie, @UpOnlyTV and @HsakaTrades and have taken their concerns about Solana applications to heart.

The official Genesis NFT sale of Astro Space is scheduled for June 2022. The official website, discord, and telegram communities will open soon. Please follow our Twitter account to get more information about the game.

In our next blog post, we plan to explain our 10K Genesis NFTs in more detail. Follow and stay tuned for further updates!

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Astro Space

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